3 guaranteed ways to put your man in a good mood

I have an easy going guy, he’s optimistic and tends to see the brighter side 99% of the time.  Sometimes though, he gets a little blue, it happens to the best of us. As his wife and friend, it saddens me but I also see that this presents a means of connection. I guess you can say his optimism has rubbed off a little on me. So I take it upon myself to bring him out of the dumps. I enjoy a challenge and he adores me for it. It’s really almost selfish if you think about it. So here are my 3 guaranteed ways to brighten his mood in no time!

Layer on the Sugar. This sounds so simple, but we underestimate the power of a sweet woman. My husband tells me that if he had a tough day at work, coming home to me long faced and bitching about how many times the boys didn’t listen instantly dampens his mood. While on the other hand when I greet him with a smile, a kiss and a kind tone of voice asking how his day went, his mood lightens and his troubles don’t seem so bad. Sure, us wives are allowed to have our own crappy days, but does it really take much effort to smile and be gentle? Run to greet him with a kiss, offer him a drink, pour yourself one too and take a few minutes to connect. You can always share the ups and downs of your day, but try your best to not lead with that.

Gentleness and kindness will make our homes a paradise upon earth.

C A Bartol

Fellatio. Now I’m going out on a limb here, but if your husband was reading this right now, he’d be nodding up and down enthusiastically and sealing the envelope to a ‘thank you’ card for me. I used to be annoyed by the fact that I assumed men were just overly sexual (turns out I was just ignorant) and that we could have probably avoided a war or two if some guys had gotten better blowjobs. As I’ve gotten older and wiser though, I’ve come to realize and respect the power I have as a woman to be able to have such an impact on my man. I shit you not, the entire atmosphere of your marriage can change for the better with this one act! With a lot of practice and a little bit of research, you’re guaranteed to take up valuable real estate in his daily thoughts.

Rock beats scissors, paper beats rock, scissors beats paper, nothing beats a blowjob.

Food. One of the ways I speak my husband’s love language is by having dinner ready for him when he gets home. Let me note that I am working on my consistency in this area, I am a stay at home mama so I have the time to prepare dinner, but some days are tough and take out will do. If you work– you’re awesome by the way– pick up some dinner or if you two split the responsibility of having dinner ready, grab something special like the ingredients to a new yummy cocktail or a sweet treat for after dinner. I like to have some things on hand so that I can pull them out of my magic hat when the need arises. If you have the privilege of being a stay at home wife/mama, prepare his favorite meal once in a while just for the heck of it, especially if you think he’s had a tough day or week. Go out of your way to show him that you’re thinking of him, I promise it won’t go unnoticed.

Btw, a little bird told me that this is the exact order these things should go in.

That’s all for now,





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