My top beauty essentials

Everyone has those things that make them feel their best. Whether yours is a mud mask or a mudslide, cheers to you for however you do self care! These are my current 5 faves that I use on a daily basis and that have proven themselves as staples in my routine care.

1.Fascia blaster// When I first saw this oddly shaped stick pop up on my Facebook feed, I’ll admit that I immediately dismissed it. It wasn’t until I saw my husband’s former trainer (whom we both admire) “like” the product. I swear that’s the only reason I gave this another look. I am so glad I did because a year later this is number ONE beauty tool! What the fascia blaster has done for my legs and self confidence is worth every cent. I’m planning on doing a separate post on the benefits of the fascia blaster and how I use it. In the meantime, Ashely Black has a ton of resources on how to use the fascia blaster on all of your areas where you have fascial distortion. $89

2. Mabel and Meg Lumilixir Vit C Serum// Oh I love this stuff! All the recommendations for it on IG by people who I admire finally pushed me to place my first order. A couple drops of this and my skin is transformed to a supple, smooth and dewy canvas. I have used MANY (around a dozen) Hyaluronic acid serums and none can hold a light to this one by Mabel and Meg. It’s worth every bit of hype IMO. $39 USD

3. Naturally fresh deodorant crystal// This gem is an absolute game changer! I have searched for a natural deodorant for years and although some would work for a week or two, eventually they all gave out. After 5 months of using this, it’s safe to say I’ve found a product I will be using for life. This even works better than the carcinogenic ones that I’ve used! I bought mine at Grocery Outlet of all places for under $2 and it still looks brand new, at this pace I may be buying deodorant once every few years! The stick works by moistening and applying it to your underarms, for best results apply well to the entire under arm area and straight out of the shower. I keep mine in the shower and apply to my wet under arms before I towel off, but you can just as easily run it under the faucet and use anywhere. $6.37 on Amazon.

4. Tanceuticals Self tanner in Dark// This is my favorite tan in a bottle thus far and I’ve been using self tanners since I first saw the Tawny’s tan perfect tan on an infomercial at the age of 13. This one is filled with healthy cosmeceuticals like Acai Berry, Mango Butter and Vitamin E that improves the quality and appearance of your skin. I also like that it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients like parabens or mineral oil and it’s also certified cruelty-free by PETA. Remember to always exfoliate and shave before applying, but not right before. I like to shower in the morning and apply before bed. I use a foam tanning glove to apply on my body and my bare hands to apply to my face. The tan lasts me around 4-7 days, for best results always dab dry after shower and moisturize. $28 on Amazon.

5. Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue tinted hydrating gel// I’m on my 5th tube of this stuff and that is saying a lot because I’ve never been in a committed relationship with any foundation, until I met this one. It’s light, it’s dewy, it’s buildable from light to medium coverage and contains 30 SPF. I really like this stuff, but shh don’t tell my foundation, I’m still on the hunt for a similar product that is “cleaner” in ingredients. In comparison to all of the other lines I’ve used though, this one beats them all in my book in terms of non-cakey appearance, non-drying and practical for every day wear.

So there you have it! Are there any products that you’ve been searching for that you just haven’t found? Or have you found something that you want everyone to know about?Share with me and let’s start a conversation!

That’s all for now,


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